Where to see the Southern Right Whale


Where to see the Southern Right Whale

The southern right whale has a circumpolar distribution and inhabits sub antarctic water between about 30° and 55° south. The whales migrate south during the summer months when supplies of krill are more prolific, and north during winter and spring to mate, calve and rear their young. They appear around the South African coastline from May to December. They can be seen interacting in the sheltered bays and coves close inshore and near river mouths.

These stately creatures are extremely intelligent, graceful and majestic. Whales, like dolphins communicate by means of sonar.

When a calf is born, it is between 5 and 6 meters long. By adulthood (approximately 10 years) the males are on average 15.2 m and the females 16.5 m.The lifespan of the Southern Right whale is estimated to be 90 – 100 years.

Whales are along the Southern African coastline during the months of May to December, so make sure that you come to see them at the right time of year!

The town called Hermanus in South Africa is famous for their whale-crier and is a good place to view the Southern Right Whale. Read more on Hermanus here.